AMP Testimonials

“The most valuable part of the experience was how Brightstar and I worked on updating the planogram as we updated the stock model, creating new places for new products and removing product deemed as “dead stock”. This helped me from having to constantly keep an eye on it. Having someone working with me to ensure that I have my walls constantly updated and not falling apart or becoming sloppy was tremendous.”

“My employees remarked on the sharpness and consistency of the new display, with one store manager noticing customers gravitating more towards the power display than any other wall on the sales floor. They felt it was a positive customer experience and a positive contribution to the aesthetic of store -- the new packaging really stood out amongst all the other brands according to our sales team.”

“Brightstar’s merchandising program has added tremendous value to my business – we’ve seen our power sales double thanks to a strategically planogrammed Belkin wall that added stunning visibility to the brand and was diligently maintained and revised as our stock model was updated. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”

"We started off with the Brightstar AMP program with the hopes of increasing our sales and streamlining our accessory ordering process. Since the inception of this program we have slimed our product line down to product that is selling through at a much higher rate, increased gross profit per box, increased productivity in the stores, and given our customers a much more consistent experience throughout our stores. Brightstar’s team has been there every step off the way. They offer great advice and to support us at every level. We are very happy with this program… and combined with Accessifi the sky is the limit."

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